Neighborhood News

New ACDI Receptacle Information
Posted on Sep 5th, 2018

The ACDI crew delivered our new receptacles according to the list they received from the board, which was the information provided by our residents back in June and July of this year. The flyer you received with the receptacles delivered states that we will take change- out information at the end of 30 days. Please wait until Monday, October 1st before calling ACDI with the number provided on the flyer if you would like to request a change.
The old receptacles will be picked up today and tomorrow. If your old receptacles are still there tonight, please leave them on the curb.
Your unit and your receptacles are connected via serial numbers. Your unit number is written in white paint pen on the lids of the new receptacles. ACDI records show which sizes were delivered to your unit. That is why it is important that you do not switch out receptacles with your neighbors! Contact ACDI in October instead if you want different size receptacles.