Please contact Stan Malachowski, our neighborhood manager for situations requiring immediate attention.  For example, if you spot an irrigation leak, report it to Goodwin Management so the issue can be addressed.

The Amenities Center is availble for residents to reserve to host parties and other events. For more information or to request a reservation, please see our Amenities Center page.
Participating in an HOA Committee is a great way to get involved in the community. Your ideas, time, and expertise can help make life at SRC even better!

If you have questions about or need help with your City of Austin services,
call Austin 3-1-1. Ambassadors are available 24/7 including holidays to provide information on City programs, events and enter service requests for a variety of issues.
Kind, courteous, customer service is the number one goal of Austin 3-1-1.
Here are a few reasons to call:
  • Non-emergency police matters
  • Information about City holidays and events
  • Information about street closures
  • To report malfunctioning traffic lights
  • To report malfunction street lights
  • To report potholes
  • To report animal issues
  • To report graffiti
  • To report Code Enforcement concerns
In addition, you can submit a number of service requests online.  Just go to  If it is a situation that needs immediate attention or you can't find the service that you need, just call 3-1-1.  Can't call 3-1-1? Use 512-974-2000.
Animals - Noise & Nuisance
Posted on Jul 25th, 2019
It has been reported from many residence that there has been an increased amount of barking in the community.
Dogs are not allowed to be left on the patio without an adult present and if barking occurs they are to immediately take the dogs inside their unit.
We love our animals and they are like family, but it's not fair to disturb residents that have to live with the noise of constant barking.
Please take the time to read the Rules & Regulations Section: 6.6 & 6.7
Thank you, SRC Board
Housekeeping Information
Posted on Jul 24th, 2019
*  Number of pets allowed: Two (2) No exceptions
*  Dog waste removal: This must be done at the time it occurs, not later.  LCEs will NOT be mowed if any   defecation remains in the yard. After the second non-mowing incident, there will be a fine of $50.
*  Pets must remain on leash the entire time they are in the common area.
*  No items are to be placed on the rails of the balconies or patio fences; e.g. rugs, towels, swim suits, or laundry of any kind.
For best information, please refer to the Documents tab on the website, Rules & Regulations as they pertain to the items above.
New ACDI Receptacle Information
Posted on Sep 5th, 2018
Our new ACDI trash and recycle receptacles have been delivered! Click below to read more about the delivery and size change request process.
Watering Permissions
Posted on Jul 28th, 2018
By special permission of the City of Austin, our community is on a two day a week watering schedule. However, residents who want to water plants by hand held hoses may do so unlimited.
Mail Service Helpful Tip
Posted on Jul 23rd, 2018
Did you know?
Please pick up your mail at the designated mailboxes as often as you can. After 5 days the postal service will take the mail back to the main post office located at 1822 W. Braker Lane.
Posted on Jul 11th, 2018
Our new waste disposal services provider, Al Clawson Disposal, Inc. (ACDI) spoke with the board, and it was decided they will waive their policy temporarily and service our recyclables every week, until they receive the larger carts for replacement of the small bins. When they deliver the new carts, they will have a recyclable pick up schedule available to us. At that time, they will pick up all the RRR trash cans  and bins and take them away. 
Therefore, you may continue to put out the current, small, recycle bins every week until the transition is complete.
Screen Door and Dish Approvals
Posted on Jul 10th, 2010
The Home and Garden committee page has been updated with links to approval forms, including screen doors and satellite dishes and Limited Common Element modifications (new plants in the backyard, etc.).  Approval must be obtained prior to door or dish purchase.